Conversations with the guitar.


The new Technologies are more important nowadays.

When I decided to prepare this page I doubted if I had to do it from my personal point of view or from the use of a guitar itself, and the last option prevailed. Because for me is more important the result than the process. I can speak a lot about me, but   what  I say is useless or bad or it is not important.




I think   perhaps   the people are interested to know all I do and for them I prepared some parts where I explain my achievement essentially.


I really believe that there is no artist without his own creation (beyond the recognition   that is always unjust) and his result makes him success or fail.


Here the most important thing is the Guitar. She is who speaks, is for her that I speak and is through the Guitar I speak about.


You are going to find reflections, creations, performances, investigations all referring to what the Guitar world produces to me.


It makes no difference to who it is addressed .It may be to someone that needs to know what I am speaking about, ignoring all what is referred   to the subject or to someone who is just starting a long way to arrive to the final marathon or perhaps to one who is trying to reach the highest musical spheres   and wants to know what people are doing in this part of the world.


I have no intention to adapt the text to everybody but to find the way to raise  people’s level to see farther than I can explain because I constantly wish to improve (undoubtedly a  teacher`s vice). I know that in both cases everybody is going to find something to wonder. Even   though they are handling especially musical values or   are in the heights. Moreover they are losing, forgetting,   ignoring for example the beautiful sound of the Guitar.


I want to start speaking about what I understand is this instrument and the music:


1st- The guitar is a private and intense instrument. For that reason it belongs essentially   to Chamber Music in small places.


2nd- The sound needs not only to be listened to but it has the purpose to gratify too. The Guitar has a sweet and warm sound. Its beautiful sound moves, beats, touches and changes everybody.


The Guitar sounds like a dream.


What does the Music Muse ask to the Guitar?


How is your sound?


 Like my soul…!


And   your soul?


Like my music…!


3rd) The five more important supports of the music:


Without sound there is no music.

Without virtuosity (technique) there is no performer.

Without performer there is no melodiousness.

Without expression there is no emotion.

Without sensitivity there is no artist.


Read levels in the learning

 Sound:  It is  the fundamental cell of music. Sound is for us what the colour is for the painter and the shape for the sculptor or the word for the poet.

Virtuosity:  It means skill, efficiency in playing a musical instrument.

Performer: He is the connection between the author and the audience. He manages all musical elements rhythm, shape, melody, colours, counterpoint, styles, and the narrative development of the work from the point of view of the concept and the oratory.

Expressiveness: It means to find an easy way to transmit feelings in all conditions of the soul.

Sensitivity: Perception and intense emotion. It is possible to be an excellent artist but what you need is to produce emotion because sometimes you can be very musical but not expressive.

Very important to understand.

The evolution and the artist`s preferences.

The artistic message itself.

4th) The artist`s quality can make immortal a poor work or to ruin a genial one.

5th) Art is a form of living and not a way of earning one`s living.

6th) The best of art it is not written it is carried out by the artist (it is an artist` s creatiom.)

7th) The guitar by itself has limitations: physical, acoustical and technical it is a difficult evil instrument.


8th) Music is a combination of exploration and investigation. For that reason the different stages of my searching were appearing after so many years of learning. (40)


That means:

A) Looking for a Master: To look for the most suitable people to teach the highest musical values.


B) Looking for the sound as a mean of energy.


 C) Searching for the technique: The suitable technique for getting the highest musical values.


D) Looking for the  instrument: The searching of the best instruments.


E) Looking for the melody. To find the elements in order to get an excellent performance or in other words why a performance is excellent.


F) Looking for suitable strings: Strings must be the most adjusted to the musical style and to the best instrument.


G) How to record a piece of music? How to improve the way of recording in each of the topics previously mentioned.