Why this site and how to navigate through it?


This site is a cultural platform that revolves around the guitar. Three things are needed to enjoy it:  to be an art-lover and a teacher, to love beuty in all its expressions and to feel the need of sharing it.

As I always tell my students :

"To devote yourself to art is only meaningful only if each time you approach it, you feel you are living the best moment in your lifes. Despite of how you do it, despite of the odds and despite of the state of the world (which with your artistic contribution remains the same), your life becomes more beatiful. And that is enough to give art all of you, all the love it deserves.

Love is not to give, but to give oneself".

Through the site, you will find six sections:

HOME: as a welcome page

C.V. : with the sources that have nourished me.

MUSIC: here you can download audio and video material for free.

ARTICLES: diverse publications about my work

MISCELLANY: my vision as performer and author on diverse cultural, musical and artistic aspects



In each section, in order to read further on the topics developped, you have to click on read more / leer mas.